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Easy to use VPN

A few months ago I decided I needed a VPN and wrote 5 reasons why you need a VPN.  After experimenting with a few services I had more ideas about what I need from a Virtual Private Network and settled on the following two essentials:

  1. The VPN needs to be sold with one licence that covers the whole house.

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Ransomware advice

Ransomware is a virus or other unwanted software that locks your entire computer.  When you have ransomware you can’t do anything including removing the ransomware or recovering your data.  I make a distinction between this type of program and cryptoviruses (even when the cryptovirus demands a ransom),

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Virtual Private Network

5 reasons why you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There are plenty of reasons why a virtual private network is a must have today, but here are a few of the most important ones:

  1. Privacy

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Undeleting files

Undeletion means to take a file that has been erased and restore it.  It is possible because, in simple terms, when a file is deleted it is just removed from the index, but not actually removed.  This is like deleting a library book from the catalogue,

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Cryptovirus advice

What is a cryptovirus?

Cryptoviruses are unwanted programs that lock your files.  Most of them try to take a ransom from you to unlock your data.  I make a distinction between these (cryptoviruses) and ransomware that locks your whole system,

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Bootable USB’s

Can you use an external drive to create a separate boot profile on a computer?  Can you use that drive on multiple computers?

This was the question that was put to me recently by a customer.  I’d like to break the question down a bit for simplification.

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Choosing Passwords

Password security is a relatively easy concept, if properly explained, but is often misunderstood, because it is often not well explained.  I will try to set a foundation for secure password management here.

Security Objectives

When we create an account on a service and assign a password to it we are setting up a system that will let us have convenient access,

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Fake Emails

One problem that often comes up with new internet users is getting replies to emails that you never sent.  Usually, you, seem to have been sending abuse or marketing emails to random people and you know you didn’t do it,

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Amazon Kindle Reader for PC, iPhone and other devices

Recently, I posted something on my personal blog recommending people download a book from Amazon.  After that I got a flood of questions asking how to download it, so here are basic instructions for installing the Kindle Readers.

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Clicky Web Analytics for Marketers

Clicky Web AnalyticsAbout a month ago I setup Clicky Web Analytics and wrote wrote my earlier post.  Since then I have become addicted to it, but today my enthusiasm went through the roof.  Aside from being the best tool for web traffic analysis,

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