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Broadband and Phones

At Maven Computers we are experts in setting up internet connections.   We offer a complete package where we can sign you up and arrange the connection.  To help bring you better deals on services you need we have joined a large consumer network.   With the negotiating power this gives us, we can offer you better deals with providers you already know.  We also do phones plans,  mobile plans, mobile hardware, and energy services.

Do you need any of these?

  • NBN
  • Broadband/ADSL
  • Mobile phones and sims
  • Home phones
  • VoIP
  • Electricity and Gas

Contact us for help with your connection today, or, to learn more, read on.

Online Services Store

Maven Computers has setup a services storefront that you are free to browse.  There are also some specific areas of interest.


Internet plans vary based on whether you are in an NBN area, and sometimes based on several other factors at the exchange.  Click here to choose your broadband or NBN plan.

Mobile Phones

We have a mobile phone plan for $25 per month, with 1.5GB data and unlimited national calls, texts and much more.  We have other plans with more data and good deals for international calls and there are plenty of handsets available.  Read more about our mobile plans.


If you don’t need internet, but do need a phone, read about phones.

Electricity and Gas

We have plans for energy.  Read about electricity and gas.