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Crypto-mining is on

I am really excited about Crypto currency mining, and completely in awe of Computta.  Why?  It just makes currency mining really easy.

How?  Well, in this post I just want to cover the 5 most compelling reasons.  These are reason both, to use Computta instead of something else, and they are reason to start mining with Computta if you wouldn’t have even mined otherwise.

  1. It’s simple.  Computta has just a single, plain, completely uncomplicated interface that does very little more than report on what you have mined, in the most concise manner ever.  It just doesn’t have anything to bog you down or confuse you.  You look, it tells you, and that’s that.
  2. It’s perfectly responsive.  The basic configuration knows whether you are using the computer and adusts.  When you are not using your computer Computta will respond by ramping up cryptocurrency mining, but as soon as you need to use the computer, it will scale itself back so as not to interfere.
  3. It’s smart.  Computta is the latest generation of smart mining software.  It is constant checking that you are mining the best currency based on exchange rates and the hardware you have, so as to mine the absolute best for you.
  4. It pays in Bitcoins.  Computta mines lots of currencies and changes between them so as to mine the best for you, but it converts those currencies to bitcoin, and immediately credits Bitcoin to you.  This means that you don’t have an account credited with very small amounts of lots of currencies.  So, you can withdraw sooner, because you don’t need to get to a minimum balance of any particular coin, and, you can withdraw everything at once should you want to.
  5. It has a great affiliate program.  The Computta affiliate program has been designed so that you after you start to make money for doing nothing, you can share it easily with your friends, and, when you get them started you’ll get a little extra for helping them.  And, it’s good for 5 levels, so  you get a little more when the people you help go on to help others.

To get started go to the Computta website, or ask us for free help.

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