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Maximising Computta Mining

I have just set up my fifth Computta computer.  That is to say, I now have 5 computers running the Computta program, to mine cryptocurrency at home.  [Edit:  I now have a sixth, and I am trying to give some away to make space.]  So, I have got a pattern figured out for getting the most out of it.  Here are my pointers for getting the most, in order of importance.

  1. The Computta program.
    It will start on it’s own on startup, but it will be in the system tray.  You may want to check a few times that it’s really there.  It is so unobtrusive when set right that you can forget about it.
    Click the icon is the system tray to open it.  I run everything including my main PC and my laptop in smart mode.  The other computers, which are dedicated to Computta, I had tried in full throttle mode, but as I have to check things like windows updates and the like, even if only occasionally, I put these in smart mode too.
    Under smart mode, go in to advanced settings.  Set the minutes of inactivity.  I use 1 minute everywhere, because I just want everything mining when I am not working there.
    It’s important to me that they let me work when I need to, and that I don’t need to remember to restart the program when I am done.
    You need to set the load both, for when you are using it, and for when you are not.  When you are not, you want it high.  I would always go with 100% unless there is overheating.  Someone I have helped, found their laptop too hot to put on their lap, so I this case we set the top usage to 50%, and they couldn’t tell anymore.  The load while you are using it needs to be closer to zero, and should ideally be at the point where you can’t ever tell that Computta is running.  I usually use 0%, but I am working with a lot of older computers.  Some of them are recycled, but more on that later.
  2. Power settings.
    On a desktop this is really easy.  In Windows, go to the Control Panel >>  power settings.  Choose high performance.  Check the advanced settings.  You want to make sure the computer is running all the time when not in use, otherwise it doesn’t mine, but most people prefer that the screen turns off.  If the computer is ever allowed to go to sleep, all mining activity will stop.
    On a laptop, it’s a little more involved.  You need to change the setting above, but you also need to consider what happens when the lid is closed, and what happens when it is not plugged in to the power.  I changed the lid setting to do nothing so that the computer keeps working when the lid is closed, but I still let it sleep on battery, because I need to take the laptop away to do work.
  3. Auto login to windows.  This is a little more advanced, but only a little.  You need to consider what happens if the computer restarts.  It will do this at various times to install updates, and for some other reasons.  If you feel secure with the computer being unlocked when you aren’t there, then you can tell it to automatically log in on start.  Here is a link on auto log in to windows 10.  The process for 7 and 8 in practically identical.  Computta won’t work on earlier versions.  I use this on the machines that don’t have anything private installed on.
  4. BIOS restart after power outage.  This is very advanced.
    This setting you are going to need to find for yourself because every singe motherboard from every manufacturer will be different.  However, most will have some setting for what to do after a power outage.  For our purpose, we probably want to computer to start up on it’s own, but only if we have enabled the auto log in, in the step above too.  This will let the computer come back on, when the power comes back, without us having to press the power button.  And, if you have enabled auto log in (above), it will log in too.  It is important if you want to keep mining when you aren’t there, and can’t get back to push the button.  Or maybe you are happy to push the button when needed.

Please feel free to send me your questions, and if you haven’t started yet at all, you will need start by downloading Computta.

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