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Multi GPU Cryptocurrency Mining

I have previously discussed the importance of keeping a cryptocurrency mining operation simple, but that still left one problem.  There was never a simple way to scale that didn’t involve a lot of duplication.  In this post I am going to explain some changes that will allow you to scale a crtpto-mining operation using Computta and keep it simple.

Multi GPU Mining in Computta

It’s no secret that I really like Computta for it’s simplicity.  You just install the software and it runs, and then you make money.  But, until today it wasn’t possible to mine with more than one graphics card, unless you had one computer per card.  This is not always practical and is inefficient for many reasons.

Today’s update, version 0.76, changes this.  Computta have introduced support for multiple GPUs, allowing you to mine with a second graphics card, or a multi-GPU mining rig of any size, and it’s still just as simple as installing the software and letting it run.

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