computer repairs

PC Tune Ups

Sometimes you don’tknow what’s wrong, but you think something is up, or you’ve just accumulated a lot of junk.  If you want someone who know what’s what and can tuthlessly get rid of the stuff noone usually means to install (but someone does), then we can help.  We can go through everywhere and aggressively delete the unwated stuff with confidence the important data won’t be harmed.

Why do you need a tune-up?

A lot of the software that you use everyday is free.  The people who make the free software, however, can only keep doing it if they can make money.  The most common resolution to this situations is to endorse another program, usualy, by bundle a free demo of that software the the software you actually meant to install.  There’s is usually a box you can uncheck so that you don’t get the extra program, but frequently we miss it.  Sometimes we get it with the first install, but miss it on the updates.

Then there are the times, we install the free software and misunderstand that the company has invited us to install something extra that they make that we didn’t need.  Google, Apple and Adobe are all frequent offenders at this.  Google might be your prefered search, but that doesn’t mean you also need the Google search extensions for internet explorer and firefox, and also get your browser chnaged to chrome.  And just because you accidently installed iTunes doesn’t mean that 3 weeks later you should also install Safari.  Or maybe you didn’t even know Windows could view PDF’s without Adobe and it turns out it was them that gave you all those Google products to begin with.

Do you use torrent software?

Ethical and legal concerns aside, torrent programs are a great way to get rafts of garbage software.  We have seen more than 10 different extra programs get installed by runing just one update to one major torrent program.  With each of these there was a different question on a different page of the installer which required you to do a different thing: either check, uncheck, leave checked, or leave unchecked, or toggle a button, or not, and only after reading convuluted questions.  It can actually be mentally draining even for an experienced technician.

But what’s the point of picking on torrents?  It gives us good stuff for free.  Right?

Well maybe, that’s up to you, again with legals aside.  But, we think that with the garbage software, browser hijackers and various other problems, it’s just not worth it.  It might even be cheaper to pay the publisher for a legitimate copy than pay us to repair the damage.