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If you have a virus problem that you need fixed then you should contact us. We can get there to help. If you think the virus is doing something bad right now, you should turn your computer off and phone us.
If your computer or files are locked out and there are demands for money then you may have a ransomware virus. Never pay the ransom. Call us on 02 4017 1174 for immediate assistance.

Virus Software

The first big question you are probably asking about virus software is, ‘should I have it’? The answer is unequivocal.

Absolutely YES!

However there is one other critical thing that you must have. You won’t get it from software, it only comes with time and experience. Along with great anti-virus software you must also have  “vigilance.”

The combination of vigilance and the right software is what we offer our clients at Maven Computers. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you want to take advantage of our services here.

The History of Viruses

Anti-Virus software help

Almost since the beginning of the computer, there has been an ongoing and constant arms race between security software developers and virus developers.

In the simplest model, virus developers make their money from showing you ads, or using your computer to send emails that show other people ads, either of which earns money; they think of this as a business and they want to protect that business, so they get better at avoiding detection.  The security software companies, of course, want to protect their reputations, so try very hard to create protection against new threats as fast as possible and try to anticipate emerging threats.

And there you are, an innocent bystander trapped in a war that you didn’t create.

The important question are, ‘how can stay safe and what anti-virus software should you purchase?’  Unfortunately there is no short answer to this complex question.

When choosing security software there are a number of important considerations, but you should always start with price.


Free versus Paid Anti-Virus

If you are using paid anti-virus and you are happy about this and satisfied with the program you are using, then I encourage you to keep using it.

If, however, you pay for it begrudgingly, then you might be relieved to find out that there are good free alternatives.

The merits of paid anti-virus software are first and foremost, peace of mind.  Next, and usually unbeknownst, is that the security companies have support services, usually for free for their subscribers, so that when there is a problem someone can help you sort it out over the phone.  I think phone support is one of the primary reasons for choosing a paid solution.

In general, we recommend a free only solution to people who:

  • Have technical proficiency.
  • Are not involved in any of the activities that might make you high risk for viruses.

You already know who you are if you are in this group. If you know the risks and still want to go with free anti-virus we only recommend Windows Defender.  It is built into Windows 8 and above and if you haven’t activated anything else, then it will be on there automatically.  If you have 7 or Vista, then it can be downloaded.

The majority of the populaton should invest in a paid anti-virus software.  There many products on the market, but one of the ones we typically recommend is Emsisoft.

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