Data Recovery

Losing data is often frustrating or distressing, but in most cases, it’s not as bad as you think. We can  recover your data.

  • You may have deleted something by mistake.
  • Maybe you have files on an old computer or a drive you can’t plug in.
  • All sorts of devices can just stop working.

These are everyday problems for us.

Take a deep breath and contact us.

Recovering Data from an Old Computer

Lots of people have an old computer in storage somewhere.  It just stopped working, but you couldn’t bear to part with the company records or photos on it.

Sound familiar?  Do you want these files back now?

We’re ready to help.

Recovering Data from a Faulty External Drive

It can be frustrating when your external drive has photos or data on it that you need, but stops working.

Don’t worry. Be happy!

In most cases, there is an easy fix for us at Maven Computers

Data Recovery from a Faulty Drive

The data is generally still inside the drive and intact. The problem is usually a little circuit board on the outside.

We work with partners who provide very advanced data recovery. These start at a few hundred dollars, depending on the problem.

Contact us if you would like us to send away your drive for a free assessment.

Undeleting Files

We have all done it. Click the delete file, empty the recycle bin and whoops!

We can help you undelete files.

If you want to try and recover the files yourself, there are plenty of articles and not a lot you need to know, so here is a link to a good article on undeleting.

The sooner you undelete, the better. IT systems are constantly updating information and they might overwrite your old file if you leave it too long.

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