Secure Destruction

What should I do with computers that I no longer use?

Free IT Recycling

We offer a free service to help. Drop your old computer or hard drive to us and we will wipe your private data securely and then dispose of the computer.

We will pick it up for free when we’re next in your area.

Sometimes the computer could be reused by someone else. We’ll remove all of your data and give it a quick test.

We find someone in need who would benefit from areconditioned computer and give it to them, completely free.

Even if our IT device cannot be reused, we’ll still destroy your data.  If there is anything that can be reused or passed-on, we’ll try.

Who gets the computer?

Whoever we find first, so long as they have a genuine need for an old computer.

In the past, we have given reconditioned computers to:

  • young families,
  • unemployed people,
  • pensioners, and
  • young entrepreneurs.

If we know someone who needs it (and we often do), we’ll ask them first, or we’ll just offer it around.  Usually, the computer will have a new home within a day.

Do you have a computer you need to move on?

Contact us now to have it removed and securely destroyed for free.

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