Computer Assistance

in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Wyong and surrounding areas

Maven Computers is here to help you with almost anything computer & IT related, including:

One on One

Everyone needs to start learning somewhere and it helps if you can have someone patient to help you learn the ropes.

We love helping people learn to use their IT devices, through to teaching people to fix their own IT issues. (more)

Virus Removal

If your computer has suddenly started behaving in a way that it didn’t before, then you may have some sort of unwanted software.

We help by:

  • First, getting rid of the virus, and
  • Secondly, setting up precautions to stop the malware from coming back. (more)

Data Recovery

Lost data can be costly and inconvenient, but it doesn’t need to be permanent.

We use various tools to help you recover lost data on your IT devices.  (more)

Secure Data Destruction

Did you know that all IT systems store files indefinitely? This means the next person using your old IT device could mine your data from it.

We can help you ensure that your IT data is securely destroyed. (more)

Password Recovery

Have you forgotten your Windows password?

Don’t be embarrassed! We promise not to tell anyone.

We’ll have it back for you very quickly. (more)

Backup Plans

Backing up is really important. Losing data can be a catastrophe.

We can show you several ways to have automatic plans in place so that you never lose important files again. (more)

PC Tune-ups

We can keep your IT devices performing optimally – just contact us to give them the once-over every year or two.  (more)