PC Tune Ups

Full?  Slow?  Don’t know what’s wrong?

Something’s up, but who knows what!  Or maybe, you know you’ve just got a lot of junk.  Maybe you’re worried about where all these programs came from. “Is this something I need?”

  “This pop-up says I have multiple errors.”???

Here at Maven Computers, we know what’s what. We enjoy getting rid of all that useless junk accumulated on your IT device.

We know what to delete and how to do it safely so that your important data and programs won’t be harmed.

Why do you need a tune-up?

Many software and other IT service providers install software to your IT device without you even knowing it. Torrent software is particularly prone to this.

Can they really do that?  Yes!

This software can clog up your computer. Sometimes, multiple versions of different software interact with one another to make your computer slow and unresponsive.

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