Clicky Web Analytics for Marketers

Clicky Web AnalyticsAbout a month ago I setup Clicky Web Analytics and wrote wrote my earlier post.  Since then I have become addicted to it, but today my enthusiasm went through the roof.  Aside from being the best tool for web traffic analysis, Clicky Web Analytics also offers a really attractive affiliate scheme, and I just got paid.

What Do You Get with Clicky?

I can tell by looking at my Clicky traffic, that, someone who had never visited my site before, found me through a Google search last Saturday.  I know their location as USA and I know their browser, operating system and ISP, but not enough to personally identify them, so the privacy lobby doesn’t need to panic.  I also can follow which page they arrived at and which links they clicked before clicking through to Clicky and the time they spent between clicks, so I can discern that they read the page.  When you use Clicky, you get this information about every visitor session, which is really useful for following where people go and what they do, so you know what exactly happens from the users perspective and you know what works.

You get this whether you have a free account or a premium account, and if you only have 1 site, you can use a free account forever.  You also get a 3 week trial of the premium package when you create your account, so you can see the difference without having to commit.

What is in the Clicky Affiliate Scheme?

The Clicky affiliates scheme actually demonstrates further how much Clicky have thought about the details of everything.  If you are an affiliate marketer, think about what you would want from an affiliate program and that is what Clicky are offer.  This is a product that everyone with a website needs; it is the best in its class; it has a generous commission rate; second tier payouts; and lifetime commissions on all products.

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